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In the small town of Salem lived normal humans. The town seemed normal, except it was far from that. The town of Salem was more than just humans, Witches lived among these humans as well. These Witches were the most powerful Witches in the world. They are in a group of six, calling themselves The Secret Circle. Every circle in Witch history consisted of six people, three boys and three girls. These Witches have to hide in secret from the rest of the Witch world because of they are being hunted. By what? Witch hunters. Witch hunters live to murder Witches. They hate them, and only want to get rid of them from the planet. They see them as a abomination to the world. The war between Witches and Witch hunters has gone on for as long as Witches have been around. So, will you be a smart Witch and get away from the Witch hunters, or will you join the Witch hunters and turn against your own kind? Or will you play out as a human Witch hunter?

Come join us today at KPOP Secret Circle; A Tumblr roleplay based on the books written by L.J Smith, and the hit TV show, "The Secret Circle".
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